Why eating less meat is the best thing you can do for the planet in 2020

Meat is an undeniable dish for any special occasion. Hell, it’s an undeniable dish period. And it’s not hard to see why. Meat entrances our taste buds in a way no other food item can. We also know that consumption of meat or let’s say, over consumption of meat has hazardous effects on our health. From obesity to heart attack and even cancer, meat is proving to be doing more harm than good these days.

What not many understand is the harmful effects of meat on our planet. It wasn’t this way all the time. But with changing times and demand for meat being at an all-time high, over consumption of meat is affecting our planet in a bad way. About 37% of methane emissions, and about 65% of nitrous oxide emissions, globally, is via the livestock sector. These are pretty staggering numbers that show us that rising demand for meat is becoming a reason for the earth’s deterioration. All these things point to one thing: That we must control our meat-eating instincts. Here are reasons Why eating less meat is the best thing you can do for the planet in 2020.

It Will Reduce Greenhouse Gasses

How many of you know that your consumption of meat directly contributes to the production of greenhouse gases? A report released by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN suggests that the livestock industry is a heavy contributor of greenhouse gases, and is a leading contributor to water pollution. Big chunks of livestock greenhouse gas emissions are from the methane production during enteric fermentation in ruminants. More livestock means more amount of methane being produced. This elevated greenhouse gas emissions will increase air pollution and thus contributing towards increasing no of ill people. Respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis, and COPD, pneumonia from bacterial infections, the list of pollution-inflicted diseases goes on. Thus, if we make our contribution and put control over our meat-eating habits, we can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emitted in the atmosphere.

Improve land Quality

The amount of feed required to produce a pound of beef is seven pounds. It’s just a little stat to show that animals needed to be fed well in order to get a sizable amount of meat from them. So, to feed large no of livestock, they are often sent to open land for grazing. This contributes to the decline in land quality, as these large herd of animals consuming their food will result in overgrazing. These animals remove nutrients from the soil by a simple act of feeding themselves. As a result, the land suffers from a decrease in soil quality; and eventually degrades through activities like soil erosion. Reduce the consumption of meat, improve the quality of the land.

Reduce Overutilization of Water

With an increase in population, the present trend in the food consumption point towards a rapid increase in animal products at the expense of crops in developing countries. This goes to show how much people are gravitating towards meat. Some of the raw data related to meat and water can be equally shocking. To produce one pound of beef, 1,799 gallons of water are required. To produce one pound of pork, 576 gallons of water are required. The immense scale at which meat is produced, these numbers are bound to increase. We live in a world where fresh water is becoming scarce day by day, and there is a shortage of water in general, with farmers unable to properly water their crops. Why should we be eating meat regularly when it threatens to destroy our water sources?

Save Aquatic Ecosystem

Meat productions over the past few years have intensified. Animals are living in super closed spaces without much hygiene. These animals are given artificial growth hormones and are injected with veterinary drugs to keep themselves immune from various diseases.

These drugs find their way to water sources through various waste disposal methods. It starts from small water sources, gradually making way to large rivers and oceans. They heavily contaminate the water bodies and have dangerous effects on aquatic animals. It destroys the aquatic ecosystem and can cause death to these aquatic creatures. With reducing our meat consumption, we are doing a lot in maintaining the balance of aquatic ecosystems.

Reduce Deforestation

The meat industry is one of the biggest drivers of deforestation. They take up vast areas of land for things like cattle ranching and soy cultivation. With the increased demands of meat and meat products, the industry is only looking for more lands, and this ultimately leads to deforestation. Deforestation is one of the major contributors to global climate change. If we wish that our planet’s climate change doesn’t go off the rails, we must put a check on our meat usage.


The appeal of meat is indisputable. Therefore, the idea of reducing/stopping its consumption may seem a bit too much for some of you. But the Data’s show the truth. Our planet is in danger and the meat industry— is in many ways— responsible for it. Things definitely will not change overnight, but all big things have small beginnings.

We can start by switching our diet to vegetarian. They may not have the unique taste of meat, but they are pretty tasty and very healthy food items. It will help bring a proper balance in the world. And slowly but steadily improve the earth’s climate. You don’t have to completely ignore meat though. Just reduce its consumption.…

15 ways to save money in everyday life.

At present money is everything which is essential for our basic needs. If you want to do anything, you need to have a good bank account balance. There are some tricks by which through small amounts you can save a good amount of money. Here are some.

Have a planned shopping

If you are willing to save money, you must have a good plant while shopping. For this you can make a good meal plan for the whole month or for a week and carry shopping list, so that you can have good and planned grocery shopping. If you buy a small amount of items it will cost you much.

Plan for home cooking

Home cooked meals are much cheaper than other convenience foods. Some food steps that are seasonal produce like potatoes and pasta are not that expensive and they just need a few ingredients to make it delicious. And they are also renewable as if you left some food you can carry it with you next day for lunch.

Discounted shopping

If you buy product from discounts in the market, it will be fine because you will find in some cases that some stores or brands sell their own products with another name, so you will find the same quality at a low price.

Have your eyes on price per litre

If you have information that how much an item cost per gram or per litre which you will find on price tag, their basic cost in small print. It will be good because this way you can compare it and you will find the correct offer for you.

Reach the shelves

In some cases, it is found that you can find cheap products on the lowest selves or you can find it on the highest shelves. In a similar way the expensive products are at high level. It will also be good for your health if you bend a little bit while doing shopping because you will find good offers with it.

Expiration is not serious sometime

You will find some products at lower price which are just a month sort of their expiration date. These are on sale in supermarkets and stores. For this type of product they have a separate shell so you can use these products a little bit longer without problem. We are not playing with your health but sometimes expiration is not serious.


If you buy subscriptions like Netflix or Amazon Prime or membership for gyms or you subscribe for that channels that you never watch in your d2h so just make some habit of checking that you really use these products or not. If you don’t use them just cancel the subscriptions.

Insurance policies

Doing all policies does make sense and contracts for your electricity or cell phone is important? If you have a look to contracts, so you can compare it with other companies and change providers which will save you good amount of money. If the current service product got to know that you are leaving their organisation, they will give you a better offer.


Carpool is also a good way of saving money because this way you can save money and also have your hand in saving the environment. This way your friends and you can save a lot of money.

Riding a bicycle

Riding a bicycle is very good for your health. By this way, you can save your fuel for car or your money for public transportation. This way you will also help in saving the environment.

Selling unused things

Everyone does not use everything that they own. You can declutter and sell things that you not use. For that it is not important to you. There are some counters for books and clothing where you can sell it.Buying second hand items

Selling apps like Quikr and OLX will provide you good second hand products. You can find many products for it and find a good choice for you. Sometimes used things are better than new things.

Sharing things

You can borrow or share many things that you need. Some electrical appliances can be borrowed from neighborhood, friends. Some entertainment things like movies or books can be borrowed.

Repairing in place of replacing

If you find a hole in your clothes and don’t like it. Instead of buying a new one, you can repair it you can get creative with it like today’s fashion.

Eat in not out

It is very expensive if you like to eat at restaurants or hotels. It will be good in now a days that you will make it at your home or use some applications like Zomato and Uber eats that will provide you offers.…

15 New Must Read Books to Add to Your Winter Reading List ASAP

Reading books is a good habit and there were many people who loves to read books and novels. It improves our vocabulary and makes us good in English speaking. It’s truly said that the more we read, the more we understand the world. Here are some list of books that you will like to read during winter.

Queer cosmos; the astrology of queer identities and relationships by colin Bedell

These astrology look for identity and relationship. It unpack some issues accepting gender normative languages.

The Au pair

It’s fully filled with new turns and twists. The girl finds it difficult to know what happened when her twin and she was born.

99 percent mine

If you are the one who are best with romantic comedy, you will find this story fine. Story of women who who has a crush on brother’s best friend. The stories cute and funny.

The Wartime Sisters

This book will tell you the story of two sisters during World War 2. One sister is living a good life,she is an officer’s wife and the other sister is working as a factory worker. This creates tensions between them.The Gown: A noble of the royal wedding

Jennifer option right a story on fiction that is basically a historical novel. He wrote about and talented women who is responsible for making Queen Elizabeth wedding gown. You will find this book to be funny and enjoyable.

The only woman in the room

This story will give you a true story of actress Hady Lamarr. Har journey involves running from nazis and her life as an inventor and scientist.

The suspect

This is story is a suspenseful drama which is about two girls. This girl’s lost during their visit to Thailand.


The book is addictive. This book will give you a story of a mother who you find it difficult to you believe that her daughter died after her private plane crashes. The book is a thriller and cover the mother’s determination.

The matchmaker’s list

We have some more romantic novel. The bookies charming and it gives the story of her grandmother and her as she was set up by her.

Homegoing by yaa gyasi

Two sisters having different destinies. Out of two sisters one of them was sold into slavery and the other one was wife of slave trader. Their consequences were changed by the coming generation. They take us from Africa’s gold coast to Mississippi cotton picking plantation. Ghana machinery school to dive bars harlem through three continents 7 generation.

Virgin and other stories by April Ayers Lawson

To the south of America. From crossroad of secular and Christian.the story will give you deep life of a young woman and man who navigates spiritual sexual and emotional awareness. In the main story virgin Jake fights with the distance growing towards his husband and her.

Welcome to Lagos by Chibundu Onuzo

Story says that an army officer chike Ameobi is being order and give mission to kill innocent civilians. He knew that this is the time to leave when he travels to Lagos he become leader of platoon, which is a band of runaways who shares a desire for a good and better life. Things were simple but they found situations in Lagos like corrupt politicians, political scandals.

Swallowing Mercury by Wioletta Greg

Wiola who lives in close-knit agricultural community. She has black cat named, blackie. Her father works as a deserter but is now a taxidermist. Wiola mother says to her that killing spiders will bring storm. She lives in Poland. Talking about swallowing Mercury, it is mainly years passing with extraordinary days.

Good me bad me by Ali land

Her mother is a serial killer. Her name is Annie. She can only stop the situation by handing her mother to police. But her mother secret does not let her sleep even though she got a new foster family and a new name Mily. She now can choose whatever path she wants to but her mother is serial killer.

Homesick for another world, by Otessa Moshfegh

It is first short story by author. The stories good and book is good to read.…

7 great reason why exercise matters

Exercise and working out is really good for a human body no matter if you are an adult or a kid or old person everyone can do the Exercises according to the capabilities of their body and can work on increasing their limitations and stamina and stay more healthy and fit.

People working out are always living more, have less problem of diseases and getting sick have great posture and a lot of things that make them healthy and strong, when it comes to being healthy people always tend to go towards dieting and not towards the workout as they want to lose weight the easy way not working much and some people just don’t have time to work out, while I consider both of them as an excuse as without workout dieting will take forever to reduce you fat and make you healthy, and if you don’t have the time it’s because you not wanting to have it.

We will tell you some of the reasons why exercise matters the most and maybe then you will understand the importance of exercise in your life.

Maintain your weight

Regular exercise is important for any age group, you can get different types of exercises for your age if you are young and old age try focusing on yoga and less physical exercise to stay fit and maintain your weight, and if you are a teenager or a middle-aged person try doing different kinds of exercises and experiment with different types of things and workout for your ideal workout which will you enjoy and help you stay healthy, as health is wealth you can have all the money but if you are not physically fit then, in the end, you will end up being in hospital and your money will get wasted there only, but if you work out every day you will have health with your wealth and then you can enjoy that money in place you want to spend.

Keep you away from diseases

By doing exercise regularly, you can save yourself from many harmful diseases that can affect your future life and make you lay in the hospital with regular exercise you can make your heart healthy, you can save yourself from cancer, diabetes, depression and many other diseases.

One hour of exercise every day can save you thousands of dollars and also your life.

Relieve your stress

These days we all have our own problems to deal with if you are a student you have lots of Homework that need to be done in time if you are an office person there’s lots of workload that you have.

And all that workload creates stress in our mind and spread a depressing mood leading us to have depression and anxiety, but if you workout daily it will not just keep you healthy physically also keep you healthy mentally when you workout the brain releases the good chemicals that help you to calm that stress in your mind and body.

Get you in shape

Everyone wants a body that they can easily be proud of and show off their looks, and it’s easily achievable if you workout daily and you will for sure not lose that shape as long as you keep working out.

Give you extra energy

When you work out every day your metabolism rate gets better and also you increase a lot In your testosterone level which give you extra stamina and energy for your whole day and keep you active and fresh.

Better sleep at night

When you work out every day you get into a routine that is disciplined and that gives you full benefits of everything that can lead you to a healthy life, when you work out daily you get tired and you feel a lot sleepy than ever on good time and woke up early as your body automatically wake you up when it recovers and rested enough, people that workout have known to sleep better than people who do nothing or just work.

Great sex life

People who workout daily tends to have a better toned body and their partner get more attractive towards your body and the more you workout the better stamina you will have and more energy you will get, so you can last longer and satisfy your partner to the fullest and get full satisfaction too,Great sex life is the main knot of any relationship so you might want to consider the workout now.…

7 fun things to do with your dog

Dogs are super cool to have and when you have a dog with you in your life you are guaranteed a best friend that will never leave you no matter what to say to them how angry you become to them and they are super cute and cuddly, I myself love dogs and had 3 dogs in my whole life sadly one I lost when he was a pub, the thing about dogs is that they are loyal they know who their owner is and where they live.

And they are also super fun to play with and you can not get bored with them in your life no matter what your situation and mood are or what you’re dealing with how sad you are, your dog will make you smile and feel comforted.

And today I will share with you some of my favorite 7 fun things to do with your dog.


One of the most known and great games you can play with your dog fetches and it is super fun and for those who don’t know what fetch is about, in this game you will need a ball or something that you can throw like stick or any toy that your dog like to chew and play with you let you dog play with that for a few minutes and let him get used to that ball or toy. Then you can take that and throw it as far as you can your dog will get that and bring it back to you well if your dog is not doing that just call him when he has the ball in his mouth after a few times he will get used to it.

Find the treat

there is not one way to okay it but many ways, so basically you put food or dog food that your dog loves to eat and have and hide it in some containers let’s say you out food in different bowls you took 7 bowls out food in 2 and them you mixed them you will see your dog will find that treatment with the power of his nose and believe me they get it every time and you will probably lose every time, but who cares it fun and you can do it till your out of treats.

Go swimming

you do know that dogs are great swimmers right well this is the time when you go and take them for a great experience of swimming and have fun, I don’t know why people don’t take their dogs at beaches I always would as its super fun my dog used to go after me when I went swimming and it was super fun and probably the most fun experience you will ever have.

Go jogging

the best part about having a dog is that you have a partner for everything, including your morning run and probably the best rival you will ever face and the only one from whom you probably will never be able to win, it’s great to take a dog with you when you are going for a run as it will impress girls too and help you socialising, see your dog may get you your next date.

Give your dog a bath

I know it doesn’t sound very cool and sound like a babysitter job but have you ever tried? It’s one of the funny things that you will ever do and I can assure you that you will enjoy it as the dog doesn’t like bath and it’s not just the dog that will get wet it will be you good luck trying to catch your dog once he ran away from you as soon as you pour some water on him.

Teach tricks

the coolest thing and the hardest thing is this teaching your dog how to roll, how to do handshake, how to act die, and how to make him sit on your command thing of it no matter what you say the only answer you are going to get is a tongue and that puppy face of your dog wondering what the hell are you saying.

Go take a walk to the park

it’s really fun to go walking with your dog to a public park, you will see many people bringing their dog for a walk and it will give your dog a chance to run wild with other dogs and animals in the park and also give you the chance of meeting new people with whose dog your dog is playing right now.…