15 New Must Read Books to Add to Your Winter Reading List ASAP

Reading books is a good habit and there were many people who loves to read books and novels. It improves our vocabulary and makes us good in English speaking. It’s truly said that the more we read, the more we understand the world. Here are some list of books that you will like to read during winter.

Queer cosmos; the astrology of queer identities and relationships by colin Bedell

These astrology look for identity and relationship. It unpack some issues accepting gender normative languages.

The Au pair

It’s fully filled with new turns and twists. The girl finds it difficult to know what happened when her twin and she was born.

99 percent mine

If you are the one who are best with romantic comedy, you will find this story fine. Story of women who who has a crush on brother’s best friend. The stories cute and funny.

The Wartime Sisters

This book will tell you the story of two sisters during World War 2. One sister is living a good life,she is an officer’s wife and the other sister is working as a factory worker. This creates tensions between them.The Gown: A noble of the royal wedding

Jennifer option right a story on fiction that is basically a historical novel. He wrote about and talented women who is responsible for making Queen Elizabeth wedding gown. You will find this book to be funny and enjoyable.

The only woman in the room

This story will give you a true story of actress Hady Lamarr. Har journey involves running from nazis and her life as an inventor and scientist.

The suspect

This is story is a suspenseful drama which is about two girls. This girl’s lost during their visit to Thailand.


The book is addictive. This book will give you a story of a mother who you find it difficult to you believe that her daughter died after her private plane crashes. The book is a thriller and cover the mother’s determination.

The matchmaker’s list

We have some more romantic novel. The bookies charming and it gives the story of her grandmother and her as she was set up by her.

Homegoing by yaa gyasi

Two sisters having different destinies. Out of two sisters one of them was sold into slavery and the other one was wife of slave trader. Their consequences were changed by the coming generation. They take us from Africa’s gold coast to Mississippi cotton picking plantation. Ghana machinery school to dive bars harlem through three continents 7 generation.

Virgin and other stories by April Ayers Lawson

To the south of America. From crossroad of secular and Christian.the story will give you deep life of a young woman and man who navigates spiritual sexual and emotional awareness. In the main story virgin Jake fights with the distance growing towards his husband and her.

Welcome to Lagos by Chibundu Onuzo

Story says that an army officer chike Ameobi is being order and give mission to kill innocent civilians. He knew that this is the time to leave when he travels to Lagos he become leader of platoon, which is a band of runaways who shares a desire for a good and better life. Things were simple but they found situations in Lagos like corrupt politicians, political scandals.

Swallowing Mercury by Wioletta Greg

Wiola who lives in close-knit agricultural community. She has black cat named, blackie. Her father works as a deserter but is now a taxidermist. Wiola mother says to her that killing spiders will bring storm. She lives in Poland. Talking about swallowing Mercury, it is mainly years passing with extraordinary days.

Good me bad me by Ali land

Her mother is a serial killer. Her name is Annie. She can only stop the situation by handing her mother to police. But her mother secret does not let her sleep even though she got a new foster family and a new name Mily. She now can choose whatever path she wants to but her mother is serial killer.

Homesick for another world, by Otessa Moshfegh

It is first short story by author. The stories good and book is good to read.

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