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7 fun things to do with your dog

Dogs are super cool to have and when you have a dog with you in your life you are guaranteed a best friend that will never leave you no matter what to say to them how angry you become to them and they are super cute and cuddly, I myself love dogs and had 3 dogs in my whole life sadly one I lost when he was a pub, the thing about dogs is that they are loyal they know who their owner is and where they live.

And they are also super fun to play with and you can not get bored with them in your life no matter what your situation and mood are or what you’re dealing with how sad you are, your dog will make you smile and feel comforted.

And today I will share with you some of my favorite 7 fun things to do with your dog.


One of the most known and great games you can play with your dog fetches and it is super fun and for those who don’t know what fetch is about, in this game you will need a ball or something that you can throw like stick or any toy that your dog like to chew and play with you let you dog play with that for a few minutes and let him get used to that ball or toy. Then you can take that and throw it as far as you can your dog will get that and bring it back to you well if your dog is not doing that just call him when he has the ball in his mouth after a few times he will get used to it.

Find the treat

there is not one way to okay it but many ways, so basically you put food or dog food that your dog loves to eat and have and hide it in some containers let’s say you out food in different bowls you took 7 bowls out food in 2 and them you mixed them you will see your dog will find that treatment with the power of his nose and believe me they get it every time and you will probably lose every time, but who cares it fun and you can do it till your out of treats.

Go swimming

you do know that dogs are great swimmers right well this is the time when you go and take them for a great experience of swimming and have fun, I don’t know why people don’t take their dogs at beaches I always would as its super fun my dog used to go after me when I went swimming and it was super fun and probably the most fun experience you will ever have.

Go jogging

the best part about having a dog is that you have a partner for everything, including your morning run and probably the best rival you will ever face and the only one from whom you probably will never be able to win, it’s great to take a dog with you when you are going for a run as it will impress girls too and help you socialising, see your dog may get you your next date.

Give your dog a bath

I know it doesn’t sound very cool and sound like a babysitter job but have you ever tried? It’s one of the funny things that you will ever do and I can assure you that you will enjoy it as the dog doesn’t like bath and it’s not just the dog that will get wet it will be you good luck trying to catch your dog once he ran away from you as soon as you pour some water on him.

Teach tricks

the coolest thing and the hardest thing is this teaching your dog how to roll, how to do handshake, how to act die, and how to make him sit on your command thing of it no matter what you say the only answer you are going to get is a tongue and that puppy face of your dog wondering what the hell are you saying.

Go take a walk to the park

it’s really fun to go walking with your dog to a public park, you will see many people bringing their dog for a walk and it will give your dog a chance to run wild with other dogs and animals in the park and also give you the chance of meeting new people with whose dog your dog is playing right now.…