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15 ways to save money in everyday life.

At present money is everything which is essential for our basic needs. If you want to do anything, you need to have a good bank account balance. There are some tricks by which through small amounts you can save a good amount of money. Here are some.

Have a planned shopping

If you are willing to save money, you must have a good plant while shopping. For this you can make a good meal plan for the whole month or for a week and carry shopping list, so that you can have good and planned grocery shopping. If you buy a small amount of items it will cost you much.

Plan for home cooking

Home cooked meals are much cheaper than other convenience foods. Some food steps that are seasonal produce like potatoes and pasta are not that expensive and they just need a few ingredients to make it delicious. And they are also renewable as if you left some food you can carry it with you next day for lunch.

Discounted shopping

If you buy product from discounts in the market, it will be fine because you will find in some cases that some stores or brands sell their own products with another name, so you will find the same quality at a low price.

Have your eyes on price per litre

If you have information that how much an item cost per gram or per litre which you will find on price tag, their basic cost in small print. It will be good because this way you can compare it and you will find the correct offer for you.

Reach the shelves

In some cases, it is found that you can find cheap products on the lowest selves or you can find it on the highest shelves. In a similar way the expensive products are at high level. It will also be good for your health if you bend a little bit while doing shopping because you will find good offers with it.

Expiration is not serious sometime

You will find some products at lower price which are just a month sort of their expiration date. These are on sale in supermarkets and stores. For this type of product they have a separate shell so you can use these products a little bit longer without problem. We are not playing with your health but sometimes expiration is not serious.


If you buy subscriptions like Netflix or Amazon Prime or membership for gyms or you subscribe for that channels that you never watch in your d2h so just make some habit of checking that you really use these products or not. If you don’t use them just cancel the subscriptions.

Insurance policies

Doing all policies does make sense and contracts for your electricity or cell phone is important? If you have a look to contracts, so you can compare it with other companies and change providers which will save you good amount of money. If the current service product got to know that you are leaving their organisation, they will give you a better offer.


Carpool is also a good way of saving money because this way you can save money and also have your hand in saving the environment. This way your friends and you can save a lot of money.

Riding a bicycle

Riding a bicycle is very good for your health. By this way, you can save your fuel for car or your money for public transportation. This way you will also help in saving the environment.

Selling unused things

Everyone does not use everything that they own. You can declutter and sell things that you not use. For that it is not important to you. There are some counters for books and clothing where you can sell it.Buying second hand items

Selling apps like Quikr and OLX will provide you good second hand products. You can find many products for it and find a good choice for you. Sometimes used things are better than new things.

Sharing things

You can borrow or share many things that you need. Some electrical appliances can be borrowed from neighborhood, friends. Some entertainment things like movies or books can be borrowed.

Repairing in place of replacing

If you find a hole in your clothes and don’t like it. Instead of buying a new one, you can repair it you can get creative with it like today’s fashion.

Eat in not out

It is very expensive if you like to eat at restaurants or hotels. It will be good in now a days that you will make it at your home or use some applications like Zomato and Uber eats that will provide you offers.…